WordPress or Custom website

WordPress or Custom website for small business

Well, you received an answer saying “It depends on your requirement”. However, WordPress is no more a CMS for a blog only. It is capable for being the base for almost any kind of platform.

I am WordPress Developer and I developed Matrimony, Social Network, LMS, Ecom, Portfolio, Q&A, etc. websites using WordPress and its plugins.

Why choose WordPress?
WordPress is easy to handle CMS. Written with SEO friendly code and optimized to give your website better PageSpeed.

Why not choose WordPress?
If you don’t want to frequently customize sections of your website then you should not use any CMS. WordPress is good for handling E-Commerce website too. However, it’s database structure doesn’t go well with products more than 10 thousand.

If you have big e-com portal then consider Magento over WordPress.

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